The Jeffrey's Gifts Fund

Surprise Bags for Young Cancer Patients at UVA Children's Hospital

Jeffrey’s Gifts delivers giant surprise bags of special toys to children fighting cancer at UVA Children’s Hospital. Each bag can turn tears into laughter, a pout into a smile and despair into hope.

Jeffrey’s Gifts is the brainchild of the Centini family of Charlottesville. The name honors Jeffrey Centini, a 16-year-old who died of cancer.

“Jeffrey always felt lucky to have received so much care from his friends and the entire community,” says his mother, Janet Centini. “He wanted to give back to the kids who would come after him.”

Each year, the Centinis prepare more than 100 Jeffrey’s Gifts bags. Each bag is unique, but they all contain:

  • Toys
  • Comfort items like pillows, fleece blankets, teeshirts and baseball caps
  • Coupons for movies, pizza and other treats
  • One certificate for an extra special gift each child chooses, such as a DVD player, digital camera, video gaming console, MP3 player or other longed-for treat

How You Can Help

Filling Jeffrey’s Gifts bags with comfort and joy depends on private donations. Some products and gift certificates are donated by businesses and corporations. But it's contributions from people like you that help to make the bags truly special.

Your support means more surprise bags, more personalized gifts and more smiles on the faces of children.

Support Jeffrey's Gifts

To give to the Jeffrey's Gifts Fund, please include in the "Special Instructions" box.