The Atrial Fibrillation Center

The Atrial Fibrillation Center at UVA  will serve as the world’s leader in understanding the causes and mechanisms of atrial fibrillation and developing effective and permanent treatments. The center will bring together experts from across various disciplines—cardiology, biomedical engineering, biochemistry, molecular imaging, and others—to focus on this complex and pervasive heart condition.

Setting a New Standard for Care

The center will bring together experts across disciplines in order to:

• Advance basic and translational research, research that reaches from the lab to the patient's bedside.

• Build a broad collaboration on clinical research—studies that have a direct and immediate impact on patient care.

• Provide comprehensive care (outpatient, inpatient, laboratory) and a state-of-the-art laboratory to offer the most innovative therapies.

• Educate and train practitioners (fellows-in-training, physicians, and others).

• Enhance efforts to educate patients and help them manage their conditions through various media, including websites, new smart phone apps that can record the heart’s rhythm, and other print and electronic media.

• Strengthen partnerships and collaborations with other hospitals and teams to champion best practices for A-fib at the international level.

Atrial fibrillation impacts the lives of millions of individuals across the U.S. and around the world—and that number will continue to grow. At the University of Virginia, we have the expertise, the collaboration, and the clinical foundation to create a center that will bring together the best minds across the globe to focus on A-fib.