Stories of Care & Discovery

Dr. Craig Kent Appointed as UVA Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

Dr. Craig Kent Appointed as UVA Executive Vice President for Health Affairs

A researcher, educator and physician, Kent is an internationally recognized leader in academic medicine. He currently serves as dean of The Ohio State University College of Medicine.

UVA Today

Paterson Ilunga and Lucie Ndaya stand in a classroom and smile in blue scrubs

Preparing the Next Generation

Long before a star researcher’s discovery turns the
scientific community on its head, that researcher is
a student. Training the next generation of nurses,
doctors, and researchers is an essential part of the
pursuit of new knowledge. Supporting students with
scholarships and fellowships is an invaluable gift to
promising young minds.


Dr. Indumathy Varadarajan shakes the hand of a patient in a blue dress.

Blending Research and Patient Care

Dr. Indumathy Varadarajan found her calling at a young age. She was very close to her grandmother, who passed away from acute myeloid
leukemia (AML) when Dr. Varadarajan was a child. From that moment on, she knew that she wanted to find a cure.

Investing in Hope

From left to right: Dr. Larry Lum, Dr. Trey Lee, and Dr. Craig Slingluff stand in their lab in their white coats

From Bench to Bedside

UVA has made fundamental discoveries in cancer, cardiology, and neurology that are now the standards of care for patients worldwide. Clinical trials and programmatic support help us put our best ideas into practice, every day for every patient, when and where they need it.


abstract illustration depicting research and patient care at UVA, with identifiable buildings and a scene on the downtown mall

Answers Within Reach

An idea is not only an idea—it’s an answer, a breakthrough, the spark of comfort and hope. Over the last decade, UVA Health has pioneered some of the best medical and nursing ideas in the world.


Tamara and Daryl Bennett sit and smile

Making a Gift and Marking a Life

Tamara and Daryl Bennett started dating when he was 17 and she was 15. For the next 41 years, they were inseparable. They made a home together, and they built a life that they both loved.