UVA Brain Institute:
A Multi-Disciplinary Approach

The UVA Brain Institute connects talented faculty and students across the University to develop better methods for understanding the brain; to seek new ways to prevent, treat, and cure brain diseases and injury; and to equip the next generation of neuroscientists and clinicians. Learn more.

Spotlight: Autism

Dr. Kevin Pelphrey is pioneering imaging and genomics techniques that are making it easier for doctors to diagnose autism, and that have implications for how we study other neurological disorders, such as Alzheimer’s and epilepsy. Learn More

Life-Changing Discoveries

The latest breakthroughs in treating diseases like Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, ALS, and epilepsy live at the University of Virginia. Your support helps make our most promising ideas come to life, moving discoveries in our labs to the patient's bedside. Learn more.

Care Tailored to our Patients' Needs

Providing the right care, at the right time, at the right place is the goal of UVA Health. We are pioneering new models of care for patients suffering from complex neurological conditions. Learn More.

A 21st Century Neuroscience Education

UVA is one of the few academic institutions that trains young doctors in emerging fields of science like neuroimmunonolgy. Learn how you can help foster the next generation of neuroscientists and clinicians. Learn more.


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Stories of Care & Discovery

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Three UVA Health Discoveries Up for Biggest Biomedical Advance of 2022

Winners of the “STAT Madness” competition will be determined by public voting online.

UVA Today

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Could End Disease's Chronic Inflammation

Multiple Sclerosis Discovery Could End Disease’s Chronic Inflammation

A new study IDs a key contributor to the hyperactive autoimmune response and neuroinflammation that are the hallmarks of multiple sclerosis.

UVA Health Newsroom

UVA Health, Local Healthcare Groups Partner to Expand Care

UVA Health, Local Healthcare Groups Partner to Expand Care

UVA Health, community healthcare organizations and EMS agencies in seven Central Virginia counties are partnering to expand care.

UVA Health Newsroom

Research in Motion Video: Upkong Eyo, PhD - Research - Medicine in Motion News

Research in Motion Video: Upkong Eyo, PhD

“I study these cells called microglia in the brain. I love studying them because they’re really enigmatic.” –Ukpong Eyo, PhD, Assistant Professor, Department of Neuroscience To watch more Research in Motion videos in this series, Visit our ou...

Medicine in Motion News

Honoring a Vision

Honoring a Vision

The exciting new Paul and Diane Manning Institute of Biotechnology will achieve a vision of better health for all.

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