Illustration by Ziniu Chen, University Communications

Research Boosts Case for New Gene Therapy to Treat Severe Form of Epilepsy

The work shows how the novel approach reduces seizures and prolongs survival in Dravet syndrome.,

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illustration of C. difficile

Scientists Use Powerful Computer Models to Battle Deadly Infection

The cutting-edge research identifies weaknesses in dangerous C. difficile bacteria.,

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Dr. Judith White, professor emeritus in the School of Medicine

Treatments in Weeks, Not Months: Scientists Develop Ambitious Pandemic Response Plan

The international team, which includes a UVA researcher, is emphasizing cocktails of two or more drugs that people could take at home at the first sign of infection.,

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Nurse sits with head in hands

Study: Preventing Nurse Burnout Makes Good Economic Sense

In the COVID pandemic, nurse burnout and turnover have skyrocketed. A UVA nurse’s new research makes a powerful argument for supporting incentives like wage increases, bonuses and professional mobility.,

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illustration of brain

Brain Power: Two UVA Researchers Take a Closer Look at Cognition in Parkinson’s

Neuroscience researcher Siva Venkadesh’s goal is to create better outcomes for people like his father, who suffers from Parkinson’s disease. ,

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