Answers Within Reach

Our Campaign Story

An idea is not only an idea—it’s an answer, a breakthrough, the spark of comfort and hope. Over the last decade, UVA Health has pioneered some of the best medical and nursing ideas in the world.

We’ve made fundamental discoveries in cancer, cardiology, and neurology that have led to new standards of care for patients everywhere. We’re building our strengths in precision medicine and the neurosciences by collaborating across disciplines. All the while, we care for every patient who comes through our doors because we are committed to providing the complex, specialty care needed, no matter the barriers.

Ideas also spur action.

Because students thrive when exposed to diverse experiences, UVA developed a next-generation medical curriculum that puts first-year students in clinics and patients’ homes. Our nursing school recognized that compassion and resiliency are essential to care, and launched programs to protect against caregiver burnout and medical errors. Around the Commonwealth, the nation, and the world, we see people, families, and communities without the solutions they need, unable to navigate the journey ahead of them.

This is where Honor the Future comes in.

This bold capital campaign will make huge leaps in scientific discovery possible. Working together, we will deliver better care, drive innovation, and unlock new treatments that will lead to a cure.

It’s time to foster a new generation of leaders, to accelerate our very best ideas and put them into practice every day, for every patient. Join us as we take on the healthcare challenges of our time.

Together, we’ll find the answers we need.