Cancer Research

The Search for Answers

UVA investigators want to change what happens after a cancer diagnosis. That’s why they are committed to putting their best ideas into practice for everyone who turns to us for care. Philanthropy fuels their pursuit of new therapies targeted for individual patients.

Private support jumpstarts promising cancer research. Gifts help retain, attract, and energize talented investigators and serve as a wise investment—what we discover here at UVA helps researchers across the nation and beyond. Also, every private dollar of support leverages vital research dollars from federal sources.

The Patients & Friends Research Fund at UVA Cancer Center—a fund that brings together patients and their doctors, along with family and friends—pushes the frontiers of cancer research. One hundred percent of your gift to Patients & Friends goes directly to cancer research in three distinct areas:

  • Basic Science—research at the cellular level aimed at answering fundamental questions about how cancer starts and why it spreads
  • Diagnosis—research focused on better methods to detect cancer in its earliest stages
  • Treatment/Drug Discovery—research focused on ways to more effectively treat cancer
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