Compass Rose Society

The Compass Rose Society honors our most generous benefactors. These alumni and friends help to chart the future of UVA Health through their cumulative giving of $250,000 or more.

Compass Rose Society members have made leadership gifts that strengthen our clinics and accelerate lifesaving research. Their commitment helps prepare UVA’s medical and nursing students for the challenges of a new era in health care. Together, UVA Health and the Compass Rose Society will work to answer healthcare’s toughest questions, and realize the promise of 21st-century medicine.

"I have served in many volunteer roles for UVA Health. The changes I've seen have always been guided by excellence, state-of-the-art progress, and compassion—principles that run throughout the Medical School, Nursing School, and Medical Center. I'm proud to have played a part in such an impressive and forward-thinking institution."
- George Hurt (Med '64) with Cinda Hurt   Members, Compass Rose Society

George Hurt and Cinda Hurt stand next to each other.

"We see the programs that we support as those 'under-the-radar' projects that really make a difference. We appreciate that UVA Children's and UVA Health are working hard to provide important services that aren't available to children elsewhere." 
- Kelley MacDougall with Mike Pausic   Members, Compass Rose Society

Mike Pausic and Kelley Macdougall at an event.

The compass rose is a navigational aid that has appeared on charts and maps dating as far back as the 1300s. As a symbol, the compass rose reminds us that healthcare sometimes leads us into unchartered territory—but with resolve, direction, and support we can navigate bold, new directions in patient care. It is a fitting choice to represent UVA Health’s most influential giving society.

Compass Rose Society logo.