Endowed Gifts


Endowment gifts are long-term investments aimed at securing the success of UVA Health for years to come. They support student scholarships, faculty professorships and other key programs.


The original gift made to an endowment fund is known as the principal. The principal can't be spent. Instead, a portion of the annual interest from the investment is used to fund programs. This means the gift makes an impact in perpetuity as it continues to generate income.


Funding a deanship, professorship or scholarship allows donors to make a lasting mark on UVA Health and its programs. These gifts bring with them the opportunity to pay lasting tribute to the donor or to honor a loved one, a friend or a colleague.

Donors may name endowments created at these levels:    
  • Endowed Deanships ($5 Million)
    • Gifts of $5 million or more can endow a deanship in the Schools of Medicine and Nursing. Income generated by endowments helps pay salaries and recruit new faculty to Grounds. Named deanships are a powerful tool for recruiting and retaining strong leaders.    
  • Endowed Professorships ($3 Million)
    • Gifts of $3 million or more (payable over 5 years or less) can endow professorships in the Schools of Medicine and Nursing. Endowed professorships enhance the scholarly pursuits of a program or department. By providing salary support, endowed professorships allow UVA Health to attract gifted teachers, clinicians and researchers and to retain those already on faculty.     
  • Scholarships and Fellowships ($250,000 - $500,000)
    • In the face of rising tuition and fees, scholarships help UVA offer enrollment to qualified students regardless of their financial means. Equally important are graduate fellowships, which help us compete for the best students. A scholarship or fellowship in the School of Medicine may be endowed and named by the donor with gifts at two levels: $250,000 and $500,000. In the School of Nursing, the minimum gift amount to endow a scholarship and fellowship is $100,000.    

Other Endowed Giving Opportunities    

  • Endowed Faculty Fund for Excellence ($1 Million)
    • Gifts of $1 million or more support teaching and research by endowing a Faculty Fund for Excellence in a particular department or program. These funds are used for partial salary support or research support and allow faculty to pursue research at the forefront of their fields.    
  • Endowed Named Research Fund ($500,000)
    • Gifts of $500,000 or more support a named research fund. Research funds are essential for exploring and discovering new frontiers in medicine pursuing cutting-edge research.    
  • Endowed Lectureships ($100,000)
    • Funds generated by an endowed lectureship provide honoraria for distinguished scholars. Academic scholars consider it a high honor to be invited to deliver a named lecture.    
  • Memorial or Commemorative Endowed Gift Fund ($50,000)
    • These gifts may be named by the donor and designated for any school, department or program in UVA Health. The fund purpose of Memorial or Commemorative Funds may not be the same as a Fund that has a higher minimum funding level. (For example, a Memorial Fund may not create a $50,000 scholarship or research fund.)    
  • Prizes and Awards ($50,000)
    • An endowed prize or award allows UVA, or any individual school or department, to recognize outstanding performances by students, faculty or other members of the UVA community. Prizes or awards established with a gift of $50,000 or more may be named by the donor.    
  • Book Funds ($50,000)
    • Funds generated by an endowed book fund allow the Claude Moore Health Sciences Library to purchase texts and journals and make important additions to its collections.    
  • Unrestricted Funding ($100,000)
    • At a minimum level of $100,000, a donor may designate an endowed gift to support the school, program, or initiative of his or her choice, to be used by the designee when and where needed. 

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