Expanding UVA's Clinical Trials

Clinical trials are the final proving ground for new treatments, answering crucial questions about which compounds or therapeutic approaches may be most effective. They also offer important options for people battling a variety of diseases like cancer, diabetes, and Parkinson’s.

UVA Health partners with leading institutions around the world, and actively tests therapeutics designed in our own labs so that patients have access to the latest treatments close to home. For some, a trial may be the best hope for having more time with loved ones. For others, a trial may offer a treatment regimen that provides equal or better results with fewer side effects than traditional therapies.

Philanthropy is a crucial component of financing clinical trials. It ensures that promising new therapies benefit patients and speeds the search for more effective ways to prevent, treat, and cure disease.

Funding Opportunities:

  • Professorships
  • Early seed funding
  • Endowed research funding
  • State-of-the-art lab space and resources

To start a conversation about supporting the future of clinical trials, please call 1.800.297.0102.