Make a Plan to Support the Future of UVA Health

Join a growing number of alumni and friends who are choosing to invest in the future of UVA Health through financial or estate planning. Options include bequests, gifts to UVA Health that pay you an income for the rest of your life or the lives of your chosen beneficiaries, and gifts that generate income for UVA Health for a specified period of time and return the remainder to you or your heirs. Gift planning can offer you and your family significant tax benefits as well as greater financial flexibility in meeting your personal and philanthropic goals.

If you're ready to start a conversation about planned giving or have questions, please contact Erin Hughey-Commers, Senior Gift Planning Advisor, UVA Health Foundation, at or 434-924-8788.

Plans from Your Estate
Wills and Living Trusts

Giving to the University through your will or living trust is often referred to as a “bequest.” A bequest from your estate may include cash, securities, real estate, and/or personal property. It can be for a specific amount or for a percentage of your estate.

Retirement Plans

Assets from your individual retirement account, pension plan, profit sharing plan, stock bonus plan, 401(k) or 403(b) can constitute a large portion of your retirement portfolio.

Plans That Pay You Income
Charitable Gift Annuities

A charitable gift annuity is a gift that will provide you with income for the rest of your life and generously support the University.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

Charitable remainder trusts (CRTs) are an ideal form of philanthropy for those who wish to make a charitable gift to the University and to receive income for their lifetime and/or the lifetime of others.

Other Planned Giving
Real Estate

Real estate can be contributed as an outright gift or to finance a planned gift, such as a charitable trust. Available options include a retained life estate, which allows the donor to continue to use the property for a certain number of years or for the donor’s lifetime. Other arrangements offer special tax advantages and lifetime income.

Life Insurance

Giving a life insurance policy you no longer need, or funding a new policy to support the University of Virginia, is an excellent way to make a substantial gift.

Stocks and Bonds

Gifts of stocks and mutual funds are coordinated by University Advancement Services. The University will direct proceeds from the sale of these assets to any school or program you wish.

Qualified Charitable Distributions

If you are at least 70½ years old, you are eligible to make a Qualified Charitable Distribution (QCD) from a traditional or Roth IRA. Distributions to the University of Virginia will be excluded from federal income.