The Heart Family Fund

20 weeks into her pregnancy, Iryl’s mother was informed that her daughter had only a single ventricle in her heart.  Once born at 34 weeks, Iryl (pictured above) was also diagnosed with more complex heart defects and several digestive defects as well. Today, Iryl loves playing with her siblings and swimming lessons. Her family is one of many heart families at UVA.

The Children’s Heart Family Fund was established to help meet the financial needs of families with children at the UVA Health Children's Heart Center. For families traveling from across Virginia to hospital and clinic appointments, the fund provides:

  • Food vouchers
  • Gas cards
  • Lodging

Help for Families Traveling to Get Care

Many families travel long distances to receive their care at UVA.

This might mean a day out of school or, for caregivers, a day off work. When extended hospital stays are required, the daily routines of life are altered for weeks or months at a time. For families already struggling financially, losing income for any period of time can be devastating, especially with the added expenses of gas, lodging and food away from home. Every dollar donated to the Heart Family Fund makes a difference. Relieving these smaller, financial worries gives families the energy and space to do the most important work at hand — supporting their child and each other in a time of uncertainty.

Support the Heart Family Fund

To give to the Heart Family Fund, please contact our team.