Leaders Create Leaders: Faculty Support

Did you know that a nurse can touch the lives of over 14,500 patients and their families over the course of a career? A faculty member teaching 300 students per year can touch the lives of more than 3.6 million patients per year.

Nursing faculty create the next generation of nurse leaders, prepared to meet the complex healthcare needs of patients and families in the 21st century. Our outstanding faculty cultivate a rich student experience, push the boundaries of nursing science, and foster interdisciplinary collaborations to advance education and discovery. Now is the time to make critical hires.

The UVA School of Nursing faces a wave of faculty retirements, while a national shortage of nursing faculty creates an extremely competitive recruiting environment. An investment in our School of Nursing faculty is also an investment in the students, patients, and families whose lives are touched by each faculty member. Your support can help the School of Nursing sustain faculty excellence by offering competitive salaries and providing new faculty with the resources they need to be successful.

How You Can Help

  • $5,000 supports a new tenure-track faculty member in establishing his or her research program
  • $25,000 provides expendable funding for recruitment and retention
  • $100,000 creates a named endowed Faculty Legacy Fund for recruitment, retention, and start-up packages
  • $2 million creates a new endowed professorship for senior faculty