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We can't wait for other academic medical centers to find better solutions for patients. To better care for all Virginians, we must build a world-class research enterprise dedicated to discovering the next generation of transplant therapies and surgeries. We're already making great strides. In 2018, we began human testing of a drug that promises to save the lives of lung transplant recipients and we're keeping organs viable longer. By integrating our research and clinical enterprises, we can unlock the solutions that our patients desperately need.

Exceptional Patient Care

More than 5,000 individuals have turned to UVA to receive a lifesaving transplant—traveling across the Commonwealth and surrounding states to be cared for here. Traveling far from home can put an unexpected strain on a family. That's why we created the Transplant Center Patient Assistance Fund, which helps offset the financial burden of travel and long hospital stays by assisting those in need with the cost of lodging, gas, and food. By supporting the needs of our patients and their families, UVA lets our families focus on what's most important: getting well.

Spotlight: Fighting Diabetes with Islet Cell Transplants

Dr. Jose Oberholzer has pioneered a novel cell therapy that one day may cure diabetes. Read more about UVA's groundbreaking research program.

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Stories of Care & Discovery

Overcoming the Organ Shortage: Myths vs. Facts about Transplant

Overcoming the Organ Shortage: Myths vs. Facts About Transplant

Almost two dozen eligible patients die each day waiting for available organs. To overcome the organ shortage, we need more donors.

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Lung Transplant and COPD: A UVA Patient's Journey

Our Journey Through Lung Transplant: A Patient’s Story

Louisa County, VA, resident Pat Gutekenst battled COPD and had a lung transplant at UVA. He and his wife, Stacey, contributed this post. Read their story.

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Bold UVA Research Could End Lung Shortages, Save Lives of Recipients

Bold UVA Research Could End Lung Shortages, Save Lives of Recipients

The National Institutes of Health are investing more than $8.6 million in several promising areas of UVA research related to lung transplants that could make a major difference in patients’ lives.

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Surgeon Uses 3-D Printed Skulls to Prepare for Delicate Procedures

Solving a Delicate Puzzle

Merging engineering with medicine, doctors are using three-dimensional printed skulls to prepare for surgery, assist in medical education and to practice techniques.

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Heart Transplants at UVA Give Hope to Over a Dozen Families in 2018

Heart Transplants at UVA Give Hope to Over a Dozen Families in 2018

In 2018, the University of Virginia Pediatrics Department performed 13 pediatric heart transplants.