Pediatric Cancer

Building a World-Class Program

The pediatic cancer program at UVA offers the latest treatment options targeted specifically to the needs of children and teens. Our team of doctors, researchers, and caregivers is dedicated to getting every child home to their families and back to their every day lives.

In 1950, it was rare to survive a childhood cancer, but today, just three generations later, 4 in 5 children can expect to survive their disease. This is one of the greatest success stories of all time.

Philanthropy has been the key to that success. Just 4% of the National Institutes of Health budget is directed to the problems of children. We simply can’t serve these families without the generosity of donors.

So why now, and why UVA?


  • We will be the state’s premier cancer program within the next year, and have a close collaboration with the adult cancer program at UVA, one of only 70 NCI-designated cancer centers in the nation.
  • We are opening a new, state-of-the-art pediatric bone marrow + stem cell transplant facility.
  • We are home to nationally and internationally renowned pediatric research physicians who are making groundbreaking discoveries in treating childhood cancer. We have special expertise in immunotherapy, the most promising new therapeutic approach for childhood leukemia.
  • We offer an outstanding model for pediatric services in a family-centered environment. Our Battle Building is the largest pediatric outpatient facility in the region and offers more than 30 areas of subspecialty care, including cancer.

Interested in learning more? Email Richard Long, Director of Development, UVA Children's: