Precision Medicine

UVA Health’s expertise in genomics puts us at the forefront of precision medicine—clinical care that is personalized for each patient’s particular condition and needs. By examining a patient’s DNA, doctors can diagnose genetic disorders, identify disease-causing gene mutations, and tailor treatments for maximum effectiveness.

In cancer, for example, physicians can sequence genes within a cancer patient’s tumor to determine whether or not the patient will respond to a particular therapy. By examining the changes in the tumor’s DNA, doctors can obtain vital information on how best to battle the disease.

But there’s more. What if a doctor could measure your likelihood of developing an illness or disease? And what if that doctor could treat you before you exhibit symptoms? Because scientists mapped the human genome a generation ago, medical care tailored to your specific genetic makeup is right around the corner.

At UVA, Drs. Stephen Rich and Francine Garrett-Bakelman are moving the needle on precision medicine. Rich, who directs the Center for Public Health Genomics, is working to uncover the genes and cell types that trigger Type 1 diabetes. Garrett-Bakelman, from the Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Genetics, studies how DNA interacts with other molecules in the body to enable leukemia. By examining the genes that contribute to these diseases, Rich and Garrett-Bakelman have positioned UVA to identify novel pathways for both treatment and prevention.

Funding Opportunities:

  • Professorships
  • Seed funding for early research
  • Endowed research funds
  • Clinical trials support

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