Promising New Clinical Trials

How You Can Help

Clinical trials provide crucial knowledge about which compounds or therapeutic approaches may be most effective. They also offer important options for people battling cancer. For some, a trial may be the best hope for having more time with loved ones. For others, a trial may offer a treatment regimen that provides equal or better results with fewer side-effects.

Clinical trials are the final proving ground for new cancer treatments and the UVA Cancer Center is an active participant in these trials. Philanthropy is a crucial component of financing clinical trials. It ensures that promising new therapies benefit patients and speeds the search for more effective ways to prevent, treat, and cure cancer.

Expanding UVA's Reach with Clinical Trials

By building on our existing strengths, UVA will be able to take a leadership role in clinical trials across the Commonwealth, with a greater number of trials, strong recruitment of trial participants from Southwest Virginia to Northern Virginia, and with special attention to vulnerable populations. The latest approaches, including cell therapy, immunotherapy, genomics, and nanotechnology, will be active across our clinics. Private support helps UVA take a leadership role in risk assessment, modification, and survivorship support across the Commonwealth and remain nimble as our understanding of cancer—and its complexity—grows by the day.

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