Philanthropy in Action

Kimberly Acquaviva and Virginia LeBaron

UVA School of Nursing Faculty Research Showcase

UVA School of Nursing distinguished faculty members Kimberly Acquaviva and Virginia LeBaron share the latest findings in their groundbreaking research on palliative care and symptom science.

Dr. Thomas Loughran, Jr., Dr. Leigh Cantrell, and Wendy Mbugua

WEBINAR: Why UVA Cancer Center?

Dr. Thomas Loughran, Jr. and Dr. Leigh Cantrell discuss how UVA Cancer Center is evolving to meet the specialized needs of cancer patients. Webinar moderated by Wendy Mbugua, RN.

Drs. Showalter and Cantrell

WEBINAR: A New Day in Breast Care

Dr. Shayna Showalter, Dr. Leigh Cantrell, and their UVA Health colleagues highlight UVA’s new Breast Care Center.

Drs. Williams and Portell

WEBINAR: Exploring Research and Path to a Cure for Lymphoma and CLL

Dr. Michael Williams and Dr. Craig Portell share exciting research breakthroughs that offer patients new hope for lymphoma and CLL.

Dr. Loughran and reserachers stand in the lab.

WEBINAR: LGL Leukemia Research Update with Dr. Thomas Loughran, Jr.

What's next in the fight against LGL leukemia? Watch Dr. Thomas Loughran and Dave Feith share an overview of their groundbreaking research and answer viewer questions in this recorded webinar.

Dr. Oberholzer stands in front of a blue backdrop presenting.

Answers within Reach: Advancing Transplant Medicine at UVA

Dr. José Oberholzer, director of the Charles O. Strickler Transplant Center at UVA Health, describes the future of transplant medicine—and a functional cure for diabetes.

Jeanne Alhusen stands on a stage and speaks with a blue backdrop.

Answers Within Reach: Eliminating Maternal and Child Health Disparities

Jeanne Alhusen, PhD, CRNP, RN, FAAN, UVA School of Nursing's Associate Dean for Research, conducts research aimed at improving physical and mental health outcomes for mothers and children, especially in undeserved locations.

Dr. Loughran stands on a stage and speaks.

Answers Within Reach: How We Are Fighting Cancer

UVA Cancer Center Director Dr. Thomas Loughran, Jr., describes UVA's efforts in the fight again cancer.

Dr. Chhabra's white coat, you see his hand hooking his medical badge to his pocket.

What Drives Us: Professorships

UVA Faculty discuss what drives them and why honoring the future matters.