Opening Doors for Students

Isabelle Gill's Story

Isabelle Gill’s relationship with medicine is personal. As a child, she loved anatomy and physiology, and she drew pictures of the human body and its intricate systems. Years later she witnessed the leukemia drug, Gleevec, save her stepfather’s life. Then in high school, doctors stopped the mysterious fainting spells that had plagued her, and she quickly excelled in the classroom.

“The subjects of science and medicine were always attractive, but my personal experiences made me fall in love with medicine and what it can do for people,” says Gill, now a second-year student at the School of Medicine.

Gill is also the recipient of a scholarship that made it possible for her to attend UVA. “I remember the exact moment I learned that I received a scholarship,” says Gill, who wants to pursue a career in obstetrics and gynecology. “Feeling like they saw something in me as a future physician has contributed to the passion I bring to my studies every day.”

Not only can a medical school scholarship make the difference between outstanding candidates choosing to come to UVA over another school, it’s an investment in the people who will provide our medical care in the future.