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doctor gives vaccine to patient

Pfizer Vaccine's Antibodies Fall Faster than Moderna's – and Age Matters

A UVA study tracked COVID-19 antibody levels over time in 234 University employees.

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UVA Pediatrician Explains How COVID-19 Vaccines for Youngest Kids are Being Tested

COVID-19 vaccines for children under 5 look like they are on the way and should be useful, pediatrician Dr. Debbie-Ann Shirley writes.

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Ed Egelman

Shapeshifting Volcano Virus Points to New Ways to Deliver Drugs, Vaccines

A discovery about a shapeshifting virus found in hot volcanic springs could have very useful implications.

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UVA Health Joins National Trial Testing Medications for Mild to Moderate COVID-19

UVA Health is seeking participants ages 30 or older with COVID-19 symptoms and a positive test.

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covid 19 vaccine

Young Children Could Soon Be Eligible for the COVID Vaccine. Here’s What to Know

As authorization of the COVID-19 vaccine for children under 5 grows near, parents are likely to have several questions. UVA’s Dr. William Petri takes a stab at answering them.

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