The MD Degree & Beyond

The School of Medicine has partnered with the McIntire School of Business to offer PhD and joint MD and MS degree programs. Your support prepares medical students with the the business experience they need to help shape America's healthcare system.

The Medical Scientist Training Program

A PhD, clinical and research credentials, personalized mentorship opportunities—these are the attributes of UVA's Medical Scientist Training Program, which grooms young doctors to excel in the lab and at the bedside.


Medical school tuition is expensive, and even though the UVA School of Medicine has frozen tuition for the past several years, it's not enough. Philanthropy is a critical component to ensure the best young minds can follow their dreams. Learn more.


Not only do endowed professorships help UVA attract and retain nationally renowned experts, they are structured to afford School of Medicine faculty time to balance research, teaching, and mentorship. Learn more.

H. Blair Marsteller Lectureship

Establishing a lectureship in the UVA Department of Neurology in memory of Dr. H. Blair Marstellar, A&S '81, Med. '81.

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Stories of Care & Discovery

Kodi Ravichandran (left) consults with Sanja Arandjelovic in a medical lab setting.

Surprise Rheumatoid Arthritis Discovery Points to New Treatment

Researchers at the University of Virginia School of Medicine have identified an unexpected contributor to rheumatoid arthritis that may help explain the painful flare-ups associated with the disease.


A UVA school of medicine student works at a white board.

Medicine + Empathy

What does the patient need from their visit? What would bring them comfort? Are they scared? How did the patient get to the emergency room? These are just a few of the questions Dr. Matthew Trowbridge is asking first-year medical students to address…


Class of 2019: ER Doc, Professor, Mother of Two Earns MBA, Starts a Company

Class of 2019: ER Doc, Professor Mother of Two Earns MBA, Starts a Company

Dr. Leigh-Ann Webb, who will receive her MBA from UVA’s Darden School of Business on Sunday, is hoping to revolutionize patient experience through a digital platform that links patients or their caregivers to much-needed services.

UVA Today

Innovative Approach: Kids Teach Students the Basics of Pediatrics - Dean's Office Blog

Innovative Approach: Kids Teach Students the Basics of Pediatrics

Every year for one instruction period, children are the teachers to our first-year medical students. Newborns, infants, toddlers, children, tweens, and teens visit the class. They teach students about gross- and fine-motor skills, and about language,...

Dean's Office Blog

Community Partnered Medicine Elective Rolls Out This Summer - Dean's Office Blog

Community-Partnered UVA Medicine Elective Rolls Out This Summer

Starting in summer 2019, a new elective — Community Partnered Medicine — will become the latest addition to the School of Medicine’s fourth-year curriculum. It has been designed to prepare medical students to work with underserved, vulnerable p...

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