Leaders Create Leaders: Faculty Support

At the UVA School of Nursing, our faculty are the heart of our mission. They are leaders who foster the next generation of nurses. An investment in our School of Nursing faculty is also an investment in the students, patients, and families whose lives are touched by each faculty member. Learn more.

An Immediate Impact:
The Nursing Annual Fund

The Nursing Annual Fund is the School of Nursing’s only source of unrestricted income, or income not designated for a specific project, endowment, or scholarship. A donation to the Nursing Annual Fund is valuable because it provides the dean with flexibility to meet emerging needs of students and faculty. Learn more.

Clinical Research

Virginia has between 72 and 82 painkiller prescriptions per 100 people, and this comes at a time when opioid addiction is ravaging the nation. Oncology and palliative care professor Virginia LeBaron studies the intersection of pain management and public policy. Philanthropy provides our faculty with the time and resources that make this kind of research policy. 

Compassionate Care Initiative

Today’s nurses and other healthcare professionals work in high-stress and complex environments, where attrition and burnout can contribute to depersonalized care, low morale, and costly and dangerous errors. Through the Compassionate Care Initiative, nurses understand that caring for themselves provides a foundation for the safe and exceptional care of others. Learn more.

Inclusion, Diversity & Excellence Achievement

The need for a diverse nursing workforce has never been greater. As we teach a new generation of nurses at UVA, we're striving to build a better, more inclusive community with room and respect for all. In 2018, for the first time, UVA School of Nursing earned the Health Professions Higher Education Excellence in Diversity (HEED) Award from INSIGHT Into Diversity, a monthly online magazine focused on diversity issues in higher education. UVA School of Nursing is one of 35 health-focused institutions to receive the 2018 award, a list that also includes the UVA School of Medicine.

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Stories of Care & Discovery

Improving Lung Cancer Patients' Lives 'In the Time They Have Left'

Improving Lung Cancer Patients’ Lives ‘In the Time They Have Left’

Scientist Lee Ann Johnson studies lung cancer stigma, comorbidities, and the factors that influence whether these patients get relief from palliative care.

UVA School of Nursing

Flashback Friday: Playing Nurse

Flashback Friday: Playing Nurse

Toys, games, and books for children from the Bjoring Center for Nursing Historical Inquiry.

UVA School of Nursing

Dean Baernholdt standing

Dean Baernholdt Blazes a New Path

Marianne Baernholdt returns to UVA at a critical time for the field.


Why are community advisory boards so critical?

Why Are Community Advisory Boards So Critical?

Many scientists like Ishan Williams, Randy Jones, and Jeanne Alhusen tap community members for counsel before, during, and after they do their research. Why?

UVA School of Nursing

New $14 Million Gift Will Support the Future of Nursing

New $14 Million Gift Will Support the Future of Nursing

A major gift from longtime School of Nursing benefactors takes aim at the nation’s nursing shortage.

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