Dr. Chhabra's white coat, you see his hand hooking his medical badge to his pocket.

What Drives Us: Professorships

UVA Faculty discuss what drives them and why honoring the future matters.


Isabelle Gill wears a white coat and stands in front of windows in a UVA Health building.

Opening Doors for Students

Isabelle Gill’s relationship with medicine is personal. As a child, she loved anatomy and physiology, and she drew pictures of the human body and its intricate systems. Years later she witnessed the leukemia drug, Gleevec, save her stepfather’s life.

UVA School of Medicine Case

UVA Researchers Find Palliative Care Use May Prevent Clinician Burnout

UVA Researchers Find Palliative Care Use May Prevent Clinician Burnout

A new UVA Nursing study found that a significant association exists between the presence of palliative care and nurses’ levels of “moral distress,” a driving factor in nursing burnout and professional attrition.

UVA Today

A resident stands beside Dr. Shen and they both examine vertebrae on a human skeleton spine.

Broadening the Skills of Tomorrow's Surgeons

The old adage for teaching surgery was “see one, do one, teach one.” But times have changed, and the procedures, tools, and methods of training young surgeons have grown more complex.


Paterson Ilunga and Lucie Ndaya stand in a classroom and smile in blue scrubs

Preparing the Next Generation

Long before a star researcher’s discovery turns the
scientific community on its head, that researcher is
a student. Training the next generation of nurses,
doctors, and researchers is an essential part of the
pursuit of new knowledge. Supporting students with
scholarships and fellowships is an invaluable gift to
promising young minds.