headshots of Dr. Rebecca Dillingham, left, and associate professor of nursing Emma Mitchell

New UVA-Developed App Helps Fight Cervical Cancer

As the World Health Organization aims to eradicate cervical cancer in the next century, a UVA nursing professor and an infectious diseases expert are teaming up to battle it with a tailored approach.,

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illustration of C. difficile

Scientists Use Powerful Computer Models to Battle Deadly Infection

The cutting-edge research identifies weaknesses in dangerous C. difficile bacteria.,

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Dr. Judith White, professor emeritus in the School of Medicine

Treatments in Weeks, Not Months: Scientists Develop Ambitious Pandemic Response Plan

The international team, which includes a UVA researcher, is emphasizing cocktails of two or more drugs that people could take at home at the first sign of infection.,

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doctor sits with hands open

Colorectal Cancer Screening Lags Among Rural Women, Study Reveals

They’re more likely to screen for breast than colorectal cancer. But why?,

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Why Philanthropy?