Living with Tuberous Sclerosis: A Doctor's Rare Disease Experience

Living With Rare Disease: A Doctor’s Tuberous Sclerosis Experience

Derek Bauer, MD, is a UVA neurologist who has tuberous sclerosis. He also sees TSC patients. Read about how he handles his diagnosis and symptoms.

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Harmonies for Healing brightens up hospital life through music

Harmonies for Healing Brightens Up Hospital Life Through Music

By performing in the hallways of different hospital wings, the volunteers’ music reverberates throughout the wing for everyone to hear. 

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Story Time: A Novel Solution for Preemies, Moms Suffering From Postpartum Depression

Story Time: A Novel Solution for Preemies, Moms Suffering from Postpartum Depression

Mothers whose babies land in neonatal intensive care units are at greater risk for postpartum depression. A nursing graduate student’s study suggests an intervention that may make a difference for the infants and their moms.

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UVA neurosurgeon describes surgery to save girl's vision

UVA Neurosurgeon Describes Surgery to Save Girl's Vision

A UVA neurosurgeon says the location of Mercy Nderitu's tumor is challenging, but he's optimistic she will have a positive outcome.

Modern Healthcare Names Med Center CEO One of Nation’s Top 25 Women Leaders

Modern Healthcare Names Med Center CEO of Nation's Top 25 Women Leaders

The publication cited Pamela Sutton-Wallace’s leadership in making patient-care improvements, creating a statewide pediatric network and expanding telehealth services to patients across Virginia.

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