Stories of Care & Discovery

Girl stands with her lunch tray in a cafeteria.

A Lifeline for Struggling Families

When your five-year-old daughter is diagnosed with cancer, paying your electric bill is the last thing on your mind. When you are spending every night at the hospital with a premature infant, you don’t have time to think about how to pay for lunch.…


A group of JMU students hold up signs reading how much they've raised during a dance marathon supporting UVA Children's Hospital.

Dance the Night Away

A lot can be done in 12 hours—including dancing non-stop to support patients and families at UVA Children’s Hospital.


Image of painting in the Log-A-Load Kids Play Area

A Home Away From Home

If a child has been admitted to a hospital's intensive care unit, the only place a family wants to be is not far from his or her bedside.


Residents at UVA learn from the best. The Department of Neurosurgery is Virginia’s foremost research and treatment center for nervous system disorders.

Celebrating a Legacy

For seven long years, neurosurgery residents hone their craft. They perform more than 300 operations a year, take classes, conduct research, and present at conferences. At UVA, they learn from the best, and it shows. Today, the program’s residents…


Jeremy Sanders, the running dad, runs with his son.

For Every Mile, a Dollar

For some, running is just a form of exercise. But for many, running is a form of therapy – or if you ask Jeremy Sanders, "the Running Dad," it’s a life-changing outlet.