Stories of Care & Discovery

(From left to right) Bill Hamilton, Curtis Shaver, and Kate Hamilton stand beside eachother at the 20th anniversary fundraising dinner at Hamiltons’ at First & Main

Twenty Years of Dining for a Cause

Since 1997, Hamiltons’ at First & Main on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, Virginia, has reserved one very meaningful dinner each year to help raise support and awareness for UVA Cancer Center.

Investing in Hope

Photo of Michelle Bonsu, a professional baker transitioning to a nursing career.

Helping People Find Their Calling

Marine biologists. Political Lobbyists. Attorneys. Bakery owners. UVA’s Clinical Nurse Leader (CNL) master’s program brings together people from all walks of life who want to join the nursing profession.


UVA Associate Professor of Nursing Pamela B. DeGuzman teaches a class.

A Game-Changing Gift

Looming shortages of both nurses and nursing educators have received lots of press lately, and for good reason: Tens of thousands of would-be nursing students are turned away each year due to space constraints and an increasingly short supply of…


Ginny and Jennifer Marshall (left and right) share a moment with their favorite doctor, Kim Dunsmore, at a Jennifer Fund Golf tournament to support pediatric cancer research.

Part of the Family

It was the Sunday before elven-year-old Jennifer Marshall was to start middle school. She had been running a fever and not feeling well the week prior, so her mother Ginny Marshall decided to take Jennifer to their local emergency room in Blacksburg…