Groundbreaking Research & Clinical Trials

After a cancer diagnosis, patients and their families know that every moment counts. That’s why UVA researchers are dedicated to translating exciting lab discoveries into promising new treatments, as well as offering patients access to the latest clinical trials—sometimes a patient's last hope. Private support opens doors and speeds the pace of discovery. Learn more about cancer research here, and learn more about promising new clinical trials here.

Comprehensive, State-of-the-Art Cancer Care

UVA cancer doctors work in teams, developing treatment plans specific to each individual. Philanthropy is essential to attract the brightest minds and ensure patients are cared for by a network of expert doctors willing and able to go the distance. Learn more.

Supportive Care

What's the best course of treatment for the patient? What emotional support or resources will they need? UVA Cancer Center wraps supportive care around every patient and their family. Learn more.

Spotlight: A Cancer Center Without Walls

Specialized cancer centers like UVA—where physicians have more experience and can collaborate with experts in other fields of medicine—are key to improving patient outcomes. However, living far away from such a center can lead to later diagnoses and lower quality of care. That's why UVA is strengthening our “Cancer Center without Walls” approach. We are serving remote communities through risk assessment and early screenings, using telemedicine to provide follow-up care such as pain management, and developing robust survivorship programs that improve the quality of life for patients and their families in their own communities. Philanthropy can help us better serve the region.


Investing in Hope

Read the Spring 2022 digital issue of UVA Cancer Center's philanthropy-in-action newsletter.

Patients & Friends Research Fund

Learn about the fund, started by cancer patients, that has raised more than $3 million for UVA Cancer Center.

Interested in learning more? Email our Cancer Center team:

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Stories of Care & Discovery

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A new tool for researching and detecting cancer could help doctors better find the “needle in the haystack.”

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iTHRIV Backs Autism, HPV Efforts With $80,000 in Seed Grants

iTHRIV Backs Autism, HPV Efforts With $80,000 in Seed Grants

The iTHRIV seed grants aim to help people with autism in crisis and reduce HPV vaccine hesitancy. 

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UVA Blood Cancer Research Points to New Treatment for Bone Marrow Cancer

UVA Blood Cancer Research Points to New Treatment for Bone Marrow Cancer

Pioneering UVA research has identified a promising treatment approach for myelofibrosis, a potentially deadly bone marrow cancer.

UVA Health Newsroom

Improving Lung Cancer Patients' Lives 'In the Time They Have Left'

Improving Lung Cancer Patients’ Lives ‘In the Time They Have Left’

Scientist Lee Ann Johnson studies lung cancer stigma, comorbidities, and the factors that influence whether these patients get relief from palliative care.

UVA School of Nursing

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An algorithm developed by UVA researchers can predict which cancer patients will benefit from a powerful class of cancer drugs. This discovery could remove some of the uncertainty with cancer treatment.

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