PULSE: Spring 2019

Medicine + Empathy

What does a patient need from their ER visit? How did they arrive? These are just a few of the questions Dr. Matthew Trowbridge is asking first-year medical students to address using Design Thinking methodology. 

Surprise Discovery

This surprise rheumatoid arthritis discovery by UVA and Inova Health researchers may lead to a new diagnosis method and treatment.

Changing the Face of Lung Cancer

James Hiter is an avid runner and family man. When lung cancer threatened to interfere with both, he turned to UVA Cancer Center. 

A Life-Changing Treatment for Diabetes

For more than 10 years, UVA's LaunchPad for Diabetes Innovation has seeded novel ideas and fueled groundbreaking research.

A New Vision for Drug Development

Gaining FDA approval for a new drug takes an average of 12 years and $2.6 billion. A UVA doctor thinks we can do better.

Beating the Odds

One in 300 young people will be diagnosed with cancer by age 20. UVA doctors are working to beat the odds and outsmart pediatric cancer.

Measuring the Power of Compassion

A School of Nursing alumna and her husband's generous gift to the Compassionate Care Initiative will advance resiliency research.